“Thank you for the care you give to women through this difficult journey.”

“Cheryl’s advice and personal commitment saved my life.”

As an African American mother of two girls 13 months apart in age, postpartum depression almost stole my life. After my second child, I fell into a hole the size of Earth. I was spiraling out of control. Talking with a “crazy doctor” was a real stretch because historically we didn’t seek psychological advice, and PPD wasn’t something that was talked about in African American families.

I took to the internet to find something different. I sent Cheryl an email and she called me within a couple of hours. She asked about my history, the birth; and how I was currently. We set up a meal plan, schedule and nutritional supplementation.

She called me every day and helped get my body back in check. Cheryl’s advice and personal commitment saved my life. Her soothing voice, caring heart and thirst for knowledge about PPD made a difference for me…I pray that you allow her the opportunity to help you as well.

Monique Miles Bruner, Mrs. Plus America 2009

“Cheryl had suggestions right away. Best of all, they worked!”

When I reached out to Cheryl after 2 months of postpartum anxiety, I was starting to lose hope that I would ever return to the ‘old me’. I had been trying natural remedies for stress and anxiety and then turned to my OB and was given a prescription, but still felt anxious, panicky, and sad frequently throughout the day. Cheryl had insight and suggestions right away that I had not found in talking with any of my health care providers. Best of all, they worked. After less than one week, I felt much better than I had in months. After a few weeks, the panic was gone. Best of all, she helped me give my children their mother back.

K. G., first time mother, New Hampshire

“Wellpostpartum.com is a gift to moms and their families.”

Cheryl has helped women for many years, offering them safe and effective nutritional guidance. Wellpostpartum.com is a gift to moms and their families.

Dr. Shoshana Bennett
Clinical Psychologist

Past President of Postpartum Support International
Author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies

“I noticed a difference almost immediately”

When I had my baby all I did was cry and cry. I didn’t know what was going on or why I felt this way. I felt like all my energy was drained away and I was blank. I couldn’t imagine doing anything at all. It was as if everything was a huge effort and I just wanted to melt away.

Cheryl told me of a few things I could take to feed my nervous system and I noticed a difference almost immediately. I doubted it was real – it was so quick! But as I came out of that dark hole, I realized I had given all my nutrients to grow my baby and I needed to be replenished. I learned to eat better, more purposefully. And I learned that there was hope.
S.C., mother of one, Georgia



Dr. Dean Raffelock

“Cheryl Jazzar…helps women regain optimal physical, psychological and spiritual health”

“Cheryl Jazzar is a wonderfully informed, deeply caring women’s health advocate fully dedicated to helping women obtain the cutting-edge information they need to regain optimal physical, psychological and spiritual health.”

Dr. Dean Raffelock, D.C., CCN, L.Ac, DIBAK;

Author of A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health

“I have made a 180 degree turn emotionally and mentally”
I spoke with Cheryl and she explained how our bodies are depleted during pregnancy and breastfeeding. She talked to me about social support, counseling and nutrition. She told me a few stories of other women who had used nutritional suggestions.

It took three days for my husband to notice the change in me; it took me six. Most days there is no stress or anxiety at all (remarkable for two children under 2 years old). Nothing bothers me now.
R.J., mother of three, Oklahoma

“When I found Cheryl I had been suffering from postpartum anxiety and depression for six months after the birth of my third baby, and was at the point of considering meds as my insomnia from the anxiety was wreaking havoc on my life. Cheryl immediately responded to my call and talked to me about some things that we could get started on in the next few days to start helping my body recuperate and restore hormonal balance. I felt immediately comforted by her deep understanding of the suffering a mom dealing with postpartum depression goes through. She truly has so much advice and resources to offer. Cheryl checks in and makes herself available to answer questions and offers guidance through this process. From the comfort of the support group to personal one on one counseling, I have truly found this program to address the mind, body and spiritual aspects of recovering from postpartum depression. It takes some effort and work to learn to take care of yourself properly during this time, but it is well worth it. Thank you for the care you give to women through this difficulty journey.”

E. Fryer, Portland, Oregon