Watch the interview of Cheryl Jazzar on the TV Morning News Show “Know the Cause”.

Radio Interview: Postpartum Wellness Expert Cheryl Jazzar on Holy Hormones Honey!

Join Leslie Carol Botha on Holy Hormones Honey when she interviews Cheryl Jazzar, CEO and founder of WellPostpartum Consulting- From Postpartum Depression to Majestic Motherhood.





Cheryl Jazzar is the founder of WellPostpartum Consulting. She has supported hundreds of new mothers since 1998. Her background is in psychology, counseling and women’s studies with a Master’s degree in Human Relations.

After pregnancy Cheryl suffered a severe postpartum depression and psychosis. She was hospitalized for six weeks and told she would have to remain on medication for life. She ended up divorcing and losing custody of her precious daughter, Angelica.

These experiences, and her remarkable healing, led her to develop a passion for helping women live the type of motherhood they were meant to have. She hasn’t used any medication in over 15 years and she and Angelica now live together after more than a decade apart!

Cheryl co-founded Postpartum Support of Oklahoma with Sheryl Cozad, MFA, which hosted the state’s first postpartum mood conference. She was trained in assessing and treating mood and anxiety disorders by Dr. Shoshana Bennett at The Postpartum Health Alliance.

Cheryl served as a volunteer state coordinator with Postpartum Support International for 8 years. She has also received training on weaning from medications to nutritional supplements by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Charlie Popper.

Ms. Jazzar has provided numerous trainings and been interviewed for local and national television programs, including Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann. She authored “Postpartum Emotional Health” in the book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health.

Cheryl lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her adorable family of six. Together they enjoy traveling, museums and exploring abandoned oil-boom towns.