Information to End Postpartum Depression Quickly

happy_mother_holding_babyAt WellPostpartum Consulting, we have supported moms for over 15 years, providing them with unique physical, emotional and spiritual support.
We are happy to announce that we have created The 4-Day Postpartum Solution, an all-inclusive, supportive service that includes a specially-designed kit of products women can use to care for their needs at their own pace.  The best part is that we prioritize providing information on how to end symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety in just 4 days.

Your kit includes:

  • Education to help you understand roots of anxiety
  • Analysis of symptoms to rule out “red flags”
  • Personalized program to encourage hormonal harmony and balanced moods
  • Referrals to local and national resources
  • Breastfeeding help
  • Supportive education for Dads
  • Private Facebook support group: Free Moms
  • Wholesale pricing on select health products
  • WellPostpartum E-News
  • One-on-one telephone, email and Facebook support.



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